Family warns of fake money after boy ripped off

The boy received this $100 bill from the buyer, after he handed him the PS Vita gaming unit.

A Fresno family is now sharing its story in hopes others won’t get ripped off, too.

"You shouldn't steal from anybody, especially kids," said Sammy Sierra.

The eight-year-old boy was selling a PS Vita personal gaming unit and some games on the app known as "LetGo."

Sammy and his mom made arrangements to sell them in Southeast Fresno.

A man paid Sammy with a100 dollar bill.

It was rolled up.

Sammy later realized, it was a bogus bill.

He's now out the cash and the PS Vita.

LetGo suggests people carry out transactions in front of a police station.

If that's not possible, do it at a public place that has a lot of people around, and has surveillance cameras.

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