Family of man killed in Tulare County rampage calls for tougher laws

    51-year-old Rocky Jones was killed outside a convenience store in Visalia Monday morning. Police say his killer was behind a series of shootings that ended with a crash near Porterville.

    Jody Jones stood outside his father's Farmersville home with mixed emotions.

    He felt grief over his oldest brother, Rocky's, death.

    But he also felt outrage.

    "What's frustrating to me is what happened... and the way it happened," he says.

    Rocky Jones was killed early Monday morning at an AM/PM convenience store along Lover's Lane in Visalia.

    Visalia's Police say Jones was killed by Gustavo Garcia, the man believed to be behind a rampage across Tulare County in a 24-hour span.

    "There was some conversation between the two, but we don't know if that's because they knew each other or not," says Visalia Police Chief Jason Salazar. "In some of the MO's from these other crimes, they indicate the suspect didn't know people and just took our random acts of violence."

    Garcia was killed in a crash Monday morning, ending what Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux described as a "Reign of Terror."

    Boudreaux said Garcia had a lengthy rap sheet dating back to 2002, with crimes in Tulare and Fresno Counties.

    Garcia had been deported in 2014.

    Jones says it's frustrating that Garcia likely never served a full sentence for any of his crimes, and wonders if tougher laws could have prevented any of this.

    "They're turning felonies into misdemeanors, misdemeanors into infractions and infractions into nothing," Jones says. "And who pays for it? We do. The communities.

    "To me, it's not about gun control to me. it's about holding criminals accountable for their actions."

    Jody Jones says Rocky was the oldest of five brothers.

    He last saw him Wednesday, and the two would frequently grab lunch together.

    "I'm gonna miss those lunches," Jones said.

    Rocky Jones turned 51 in November, and was homeless.

    Jody Jones says his brother chose to live in his car.

    "We tried to get him to stay with us and he just said he wouldn't put that burden on us, any of the brothers. He would stay in his car here and there," Jones said.

    He says Rocky had likely gone to the store to gas-up or buy cigarettes.

    He's convinced Garcia may have been trying to rob his brother.

    He may never know.

    But one thing is certain.

    "No one else is going to get hurt," Jones says.

    Rocky Jones is survived by a daughter.

    His family is raising money for his funeral service.

    If you'd like to help, click here.

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