Family grieves; Woman shot and killed by boyfriend in Lemoore home

Danielle Dever and daughters.

A Hanford woman is now mourning the loss of her mother who was killed after a domestic dispute Sunday. The woman says instead of planning for Christmas. Her family is now planning a funeral.

Ashley Valdez says she was with her mother, Danielle Dever the night she died. Valdez says she saw her mother's boyfriend Juan Castro outside as she left the house.

"I saw him parked at the mailbox. I thought maybe he was checking the mail. I tried to say hi to him. He looked at me and he looked back down. I was thinking what’s up with him? ", said Valdez.

Police say after Valdez left, Castro snapped. Ultimately shooting and killing Dever.

"The EMT’s called and said that there was a dead body in my mom's house. Yea. There was a dead body in my mom's house and it was her,” said Valdez.

Police say Castro then left the house and lead them on a chase until they caught up. They say released a police dog. That's when police say Castro shot the dog and they returned fire killing Castro.

Valdez says she now wishes her mother would have walked away from her relationship with Castro sooner.

"To know that domestic violence is what took my mom. It will never bring her back. I want people to know get out be for it is too late. See the signs. If it is toxic, it is only going to get worst," Valdez.

Despite this tragedy, Valdez says she also wants people to remember her mother for who she was. Not only how she died.

“She devoted everything to God to change. Just so we could have a better life. Right now, I want to break down and die because I am dead inside. I am going to be strong. I want everyone to know that she was not just a victim but a strong beautiful woman who had every good intention in this world,” said Valdez.

Valdez is now planning for her mothers funeral. She is asking for any help and has created a go fund me.

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