Exeter breeder says someone stole her dogs, worth $6,000

    Contact Exeter Police if you have seen this dog

    UPDATE: --- 8:00 p.m. 02/18/2019

    One of the stolen pups has been found and safely returned to the breeder. Her leg is a little messed up, and will definitely need a vet's attention.

    The other puppy is still missing. Included in the photos on this page are the pics of the stolen pup that still hasn't been located.

    She's all-white in color, and has a mostly black nose with a little speckling of pink on the right side.


    An Exeter woman says her livelihood and security are ruined after someone stole two very valuable puppies she was breeding.

    “It’s heartbreaking. Who takes puppies like that?” said Jennifer Autry, who has been in the breeding business for ten years now.

    Someone stole the puppies right from Autry’s yard in Exeter.

    “Everything I do is legitimate. They have vet checks, they have vaccinations, they have health certificates,” said Autry.

    The theft amounts to six thousand dollars, gone.

    But the dogs mean more to Autry than just the money.

    The past year has been a lot more difficult than most.

    “I had just had surgery for my cancer, and then I got pregnant, and I was high-risk, I was going through a lot. Once I finally started getting myself together to be able to work after I had my son, because my son’s only a year old, my husband died,” said Autry.

    That was four months ago, in October.

    Autry and her husband bred the English Bull Terriers together.

    “I had planned on keeping one for him, because he had wanted a specific-looking puppy, and it was going to be named what he would have wanted,” said Autry.

    Normally, the pups go for two or three thousand dollars each.

    But Autry says someone stole two, and put them online for sale.

    A friend of hers saw them listed online for a hundred bucks each.

    “The lady who had posted my puppy on Instagram, when she was confronted about it, ‘This is not your puppy,” she immediately deleted the post,” said Autry.

    Autry says one person has admitted to her that he and another person took the puppies.

    “Their DNA is on file. I already have the mom’s and the dad’s. All I have to do is submit it in for the puppies, and they’ll link them, and that’ll prove they’re my dogs,” said Autry.

    But she says police can’t instantly get a warrant to search for the dogs and get the DNA tested.

    “That takes time. It has to be signed by a judge, they have to go through a process, and it’s not even a guarantee that they’re going to get it approved.” And in that time, you don’t know what’s happening with them. “They could be out of Tulare county, they could have sold them somewhere else, orI really don’t know,” explained Autry.

    The stolen puppies have some very distinct characteristics.

    One of them is all white with a mostly black nose, except for a dotted pink pattern in the corner.

    The other has a lot of pink on her nose, in a very recognizable pattern that won’t change even as she ages. She also has brown ears with black spots, though her body is all white.

    Autry says this isn’t about pressing charges; she just wants her puppies back so she can make sure they’re getting the proper care.

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