Evacuations ordered for Yosemite Valley due to no power, heavy smoke

Evacuation advisory issued for Yosemite Valley due to no power (Yosemite Conservancy photos)

Evacuations for Yosemite Valley are in effect due to a power outage caused by a spot fire.

Yosemite Valley residents must leave the valley by 12:00 pm Friday.

Convoys for Yosemite Valley residents are meeting at El Capitan Meadow at 11:00 am and 12:00 pm for the Wawona Rd. At this time residents may also enter and exit Yosemite Valley unescorted via Big Oak Flat Road and Tioga Road east of Crane Flat to 395. However, due to unpredictable weather, fire behavior and hazards this corridor could close at any time. A Red Cross Shelter is located at New Life Christian Fellowship, 5089 Cole Road, Mariposa, CA.

According to Ferguson Fire officials, all the power in Yosemite Valley is out.

There is no way for employees to keep food, filter air or much of anything else. The smoke is extremely thick in the valley.

Due to the power outage and the amount of smoke that settled into the valley, a mandatory evacuation has been issued for all non-essential personnel. Law enforcement, fire and some maintenance personnel will stay behind.

Employees do have an option to stay if they wish to do so.

There is no direct threat to the valley by fire at this point.

El Portal Road (extension of Highway 140 within the park) and Big Oak Flat Road west of Crane Flat may be closed for an extended period of time due to fire activity, hazard trees, and firefighters working on the roads.

Access to Yosemite Valley is closed through Sunday due to fire operations. This includes El Portal Road (Highway 140 inside the park), Wawona Road (Highway 41 inside the park), and Big Oak Flat Road (Highway 120, inside the park between the Big Oak Flat Entrance Station and Yosemite Valley).

Currently the only public access into Yosemite National Park is via Tioga Pass from Highway 120 east via U.S. 395 from Lee Vining. The Tioga Road remains open to Crane Flat.

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