Emergency surgery for little dog with a giant tumor

Emergency surgery for little dog with a giant tumor.

A tiny dog is now recovering after a tumor nearly the size of its whole body was removed Thursday. The owner says she didn't take it in sooner because she couldn't afford it.

Boots is a 7-year-old Chihuahua. Rene Tittle-Wood has had her fury friend since she was a pup.

"She's really smiling. She is my booties boo-boo," said Tittle-Wood.

That energy began to fade as Boots struggled with a huge tumor bulging out of her stomach.

"I knew boots was having a problem. It was growing and growing, there wasn't anything that I could do because I have a limited budget," said Tittle-Wood.

She had Boots tested for cancer and found out it's benign, not attached to any organs. She needed to have surgery quick but only could afford pain medication.

"She was in a lot of pain. She would cry a lot and she couldn't walk. She couldn't bend down to eat. I would have to hold the food up to her mouth. I would pick her up by her hind legs and stand them up. She could walk for a little while. She would go back down on her butt and drag it. I felt terrible. I couldn't stand it. I was in tears, " said Tittle-Wood.

Tittle-Wood took a chance and posted an ad about Boots' condition on an animal rescue page.

"I was praying and I said if God willing something will come through. The very next post was from Krystal of Pinky Paws," said Tittle-Wood.

The non-for profit animal rescue helped organize and emergency surgery for boots at the Kingsburg Veterinary Clinic. The owner of Pinky Paws paid for it out of her own pocket, but is now in need of donations to help cover the costs.

A fundraising campaign for boots is now setup on the "Pinky Paws" rescue website.

"I thinking I was going to have to put her to sleep because I don't have the amount of money needed to pay for surgery. I just prayed, I am so blessed right now. I don't know how to find the words to thank them," said Tittle-Wood.

Pinky Paws is hoping to raise $600.00 for Boots’ surgery. Rene says she'll try to pay back whatever donations won’t cover.

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