"Drop Zone" is newest ride at Wild Water Adventure Park

You drop 35 feet in a matter of seconds

There's a new ride at Wild Water Adventure Park that will definitely take your breath away.

You drop 35 feet in a matter of seconds. Your body is moving at roughly 40 miles an hour.

Fox 26 photographer Kellie Helton was willing to give it a try. She says the drop zone made her heart race but she was willing to ride it again.

Opening day on Saturday marks Wild Water's 45th year in business. Park owner Kathy Siggers says the drop zone is one of the newest rides in the industry.

"We always are riding each other's rides to see what's new and what we like. We always like family rides. We like thrill but we like safety. We don't want it to

get too extreme but something the whole family can enjoy."

Young and old who go down the slide have to be at least 48 inches tall. The minimum weight is 60 pounds and the maximum is 270.

The ride operator expects to put two people through the ride every minute so be patient.

Beginning Saturday risk takers will be giving the thumbs up to a ride that's fast and steep and worth doing again and again.

Wild Water Adventure Park opens Saturday at 11:00 in the morning.

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