Donations in Visalia headed for Carr Fire victims

Visalia Church of the Nazarene is collecting donations for Carr Fire victims.

A donation drive is underway at a Visalia church, to help those impacted by the Carr Fire.

Skeeter Thompson is leading the charge, and said this is very close to his heart. He grew up there. Thompson is with Visalia Church of the Nazarene and Friday, they had a big truck to fill.

"It's 24 feet long, it's for a race car, but we're in a race to serve people that lost good stuff," Thompson said.

He's talking about people who have been evacuated, some who have even lost their homes to the fire. Thompson grew up there.

"I was in terror for my friends, my family, for those that I knew, that I've known for the better part of 40 years," Thompson said.

The fire is still burning near Redding, about five hours north.

"There was a picture of the friends house at the end of the street, it was a before picture and I remember playing on that street and riding our bikes and doing those things that kids did, and then there was an after picture and there was nothing," Thompson said.

He said something had to be done.

"So what's in this room right now is the way I can help my hometown," Thompson said.

There were stacks of bottled water, bags of clothes, laundry detergent and more.

"Simple body wash, travel wipes, storage bags, tooth brushes these hand sanitizer kits," Thompson said.

He said even backpacks are getting stuffed for the kids getting ready to go back to school.

"To serve somebody in Northern California that's devastated by the Carr Fire, or any one of the fires in the state right now, you've done your part in showing love," Thompson said.

He said they'll be in the church parking lot on Caldwell Ave. near Demaree St. in Visalia all weekend collecting donations. Thompson said they plan to head North with all the items next Friday.

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