Dogs abandoned with note at Fresno park need a home

Help get Layla & Jada adopted!

Two Huskies are looking for a loving home after other dog owners say they were abandoned at a dog park.

Katie Asi said she was at the Woodward Park dog park Monday night and realized along with others that two dogs didn't have an owner nearby. Asi said after searching for any clues, they eventually found food, toys, bowls and a note by a trash bin.

The note said: “Hi, our names are Jada and Layla. We are nice 1-year-old dogs. Please don’t split us up, Layla gets scared without her sister.”

That was it.

"I was angry," Asi said. "I wish that they might have given a reason because then I would understand more, but to just leave their names not even tell us if they have their shots or if they’re spayed, I think is kind of mean," she said.

Asi called Mona Ahmed. Ahmed has a nonprofit called Fresno Furry Friends, which helps to run the dog park. Ahmed is also an SPCA volunteer.

"All they had to do is ask for help, and believe me, we would have reached to them to help them out," Ahmed said.

Ahmed said Jada and Layla are the 14th and 15th dogs that have been left at the park since it opened about a decade ago. Ahmed said they have found homes for all those dogs, but one.

As for Jada and Layla, Ahmed said they will fix and microchip them before handing them off to a forever home.

"It’s like their whole world is turned around and I see them, one-year-old, they don’t deserve this," Ahmed said. "It saddens me that somebody would do this to these pets with unconditional love," she said.

Fresno Humane has a few options for people if they feel that their local shelter is not a safe place to turn:

  1. Make sure that if you have to place your animals up for adoption you give yourself plenty of time to contact no-kill rescue groups from all over the state!
  2. Take amazing pictures of your pets to help sell how wonderful they are!
  3. Write down all their fun and quirky qualities as well as the truth on what this dog is dealing with such as anxieties or behavior issues. Rescue groups need to know what they are getting into to best help the dog.
  4. A lot of rescue groups have surrender applications online make sure if you aren't internet savvy that you find someone to help.
  5. Promote your pups to all your friends and family on social media and enlist their help in finding a great happily-ever-after.
  6. Don't be afraid to ask for more tips from animal shelters and rescue groups about how to keep your pet. If pet behavioral issues are the reason for giving up your pet there are tips to curb the bad behavior. We want to help keep pets in their homes when possible.

If you are interested in adopting Jada and Layla, please contact Fresno Humane for more information. You can also call Ahmed at 559-977-0151.

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