Love in lock-down; Dinuba woman makes jail t-shirts

Love in lock-down; Dinuba woman makes jail t-shirts (Photo courtesy Pink Novoa)

Over the past six months, orders for jail t-shirts haven't stopped. Pink Novoa, a Dinuba resident says she started designing shirts when her husband was locked up. He is serving time at the Bob Wylie Detention Facility in Tulare County.

"It's been lonely, empty, and hard. Everyday is a struggle," said Novoa.

She says she used that as inspiration to make t-shirts to support her husband. She places a special frog logo on the shirts and prints a positive message on them. Novoa says she's experienced mixed reviews on shirts but it didn't discourage her from making them.

She says she quickly found that she wasn't alone after joining online support groups. She shared her designs on Facebook and the requests poured in.

Novoa says she is hoping her shirts will offer people another prospective not to judge those affect by incarceration.

"Everybody needs to be loved, even if they made mistakes they need love. Even though they are behind bars doesn't make them less human or they have no feelings." said Novoa.

If you would like to purchase a shirt, join this Facebook group.

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