Musical QB? Derek Carr says billboard just a joke

The billboard now says "Valley Exclusive Derek Carr Debut Single 2017"

UPDATE: After all the excitement surrounding the billboard, Derek Carr tweeted Tuesday afternoon what many suspected: It's all a joke. Still no explanation of what's behind the billboard, though.

The original story is below.


FRESNO, Calif. (FOX26) -- Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr has had a billboard at Clovis and Olive avenues in Fresno that has been drawing a lot of attention.

The sign had Carr's face and said "Get Ready 8.15.17."

Then, on Aug. 15, the billboard changed to one showing Carr looking like a GQ model that reads, "Valley Exclusive Derek Carr Debut Single 2017."

There is also a website,

So what does it all mean?

Is Carr going to be the next NFL star to take up music? Think back to Shaquille O'Neal ...

Watch the Willis Sports Report from Monday below.

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