Deputies search for answers after Sikh man was found dead

Surveillance video shows Singh walking early Sunday morning.

Fresno County Sheriff's Deputies are trying to find whoever is responsible for killing 68-year-old Subag Singh.

According to deputies, Singh was last seen on the 100 Block of N. Douglas on Sunday morning, around 7:35 AM.

His family released a missing person notice after Singh didn't come home Sunday.

Deputies found his body, with visible trauma, in a canal on McCall and Jensen.

Investigators are trying to piece together what led up to the body being found in a canal.

Deputies aren't saying if this was a hate crime or not, but members of the Sikh community say this wouldn't be the first.

"Honestly we are very hurt, it just hurts us. And it just we then, think what else do we need to do," says Gurdeep Shergill.

Shergill is an active member of the Sikh community. A community that has been trying, for some time now, to clear up misconceptions.

“Even people who wear a ramal, like I am wearing right now. They are Sikhs. And sometimes we are confused with other communities, and we want to make sure people understand who we are. And the turban is a very important part of our religion, and our culture," says Shergill.

Recently, the "We are Sikhs" campaign began, hoping to educate people on Sikhs. It is just one of the things they are doing to clear up these misconceptions.

"Just really sad that in this century we still have that discrimination. Just the way someone speaks, they way someone dresses up, maybe a different opinion," says Shergill.

If anyone has any information on this potential murder, you're asked to call Crime Stoppers at (559) 498- STOP.

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