Crooks target "Crazy Karen", steal speakers and lighting

A children’s entertainer in Fresno, Calif. known as "Crazy Karen" is now out thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment.

Someone broke into her SUV Thursday night outside a Northwest Fresno restaurant and took speakers, lighting equipment and her briefcase.

"In an ideal world, they'd come back to me... Along with my briefcase," said Karen Gaines, better known as “Crazy Karen,” as she walked though Guitar Center in Fresno Saturday.

She was looking for equipment to replace what was stolen.

She had just provided music for a school dance and watched her daughter’s performance at another campus.

They had gone to Texas Roadhouse to celebrate.

She didn’t unpack her items, and made sure to park near lighting—figuring it would be safe.

"I stood there devastated. It is our tool to do what we do. So at that point my world halted,” she says, once she realized her SUV had been broken into. “It's our voice, our fun, all wrapped into a sound system."

The SUV showed no signs of forcible entry.

But Gaines thinks the crooks may have rigged the lock on the tailgate.

The speakers and light equipment easily total close to $3,000.

But the impact reaches beyond a price tag.

She uses it to perform at school assemblies and rallies from Kettleman City to Orange Cove.

"We DJ carnivals, jog-a-thons, mother/son, father daughter dances, family fun nights,” she says. “There's no one does quite what we do on a daily basis. We just trying to bring joy, happiness, fun."

The speakers taken are QSC K-12's.

“They have dents and scratches. They’re five years old. I think it gives them character,” Gaines said.

She is searching listings on social media and calling pawn shops to keep an eye out.

Her briefcase holds her calendar and school contracts through June.

She is asking that if anyone has them or sees them, to please return them to "Texas Roadhouse" no questions asked.

Friends have started a GoFundMe page to help her raise money to buy the replacement equipment.

If you’d like to help, click here.

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