Crickets invade Mendota homes

Thousands of crickets invade homes in Mendota. 

Several houses in one Mendota neighborhood are being invaded with swarms of crickets.

The problem is plaguing homes near a plot of land just north of the airport.

"They just cover the front doors, the walkways, all over the wall. Front yard, back yard. You cant escape them," says Erika Perez.

Neighbors say they are sweeping, vacuuming, and spraying, but nothing is helping.

Several have reached out to the city looking for answers.

In a letter from the City Manager, Vince DiMaggio says "The City has received several similar complaints from residents in the general vicinity and we immediately addressed those complaints by spraying insecticide on the airport property which is under City ownership. Immediately to the north of the airport is land that is neither owned by the City nor in the City limits of Mendota. The property this is the apparent source of the insects is privately owned, and lies within the County."

Neighbors have now started a petition, hoping to get some help.

Reginalda Nunez has lived in the neighborhood for more than 30 years, and she says she has never seen anything like this.

She says she sweeps up pile after pile, several times a day.

"This is real infected. I'm stepping like popcorn, every day for a month," says Nunez.

Residents say they've been told they'll just have to wait until the temperatures cool down.

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