Tires slashed at Congressman's town hall meeting in Mariposa

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    U.S. Representative Tom McClintock" is now planning for his next stop, after a town hall in Mariposa Tuesday night.

    He discussed the current state of the Trump administration and the direction it's heading on key issues like healthcare and immigration.

    More than 600 people attended the town hall meeting.

    Both sides were represented but it was calm.

    A much different scene earlier this month in Roseville near Sacramento, in that town hall meeting the congressman needed an escort by the C.H.P. just to leave the area safely.

    The California Highway Patrol is investigating several acts of vandalism at the event in the parking lot, where at least 4 cars got its tires slashed.

    One victim drove her car from the Fair Grounds to a gas station about a mile away in downtown Mariposa. She said she was trying to make it home but could not make it.

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