Congressional candidate discusses her victory over Facebook

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    Candidate for Congress Elizabeth Heng battled Facebook for five days and won.

    Facebook took down her commercial and she persisted until the tech giant apologized and put it back.

    Heng is a Republican candidate for Congress in Central California's 16th congressional district.

    Recently she posted a three minute commercial on Facebook to introduce herself to voters.

    In the beginning she talks about her parents who survived a genocide in Cambodia.

    Heng says great things come from great adversity. Two days after the post Facebook took it down.

    "They told me that it was due to it was inappropriate, sensational and disrespectful therefore I could no longer advertise."

    Heng tried to contact people at Facebook but no luck. She decided to turn to the media to say it wasn't okay for her voice to be censured.

    "I consistently feel that liberal tech giants suck as Facebook can continue to stifle diverse political thoughts on their platforms."

    Her complaint to local media went national. In less than a week Facebook changed its' tune.

    "It took five days and a whole national movement before Facebook came back and said I apologize for the confusion of us removing your content.

    I'll be honest had I been liberal this wouldn't have been the case."

    Heng worries that the same thing could happen to other candidates closer to the election.

    "That was five days of my time that was focused on trying to get my voice heard and I will continue to have my voice heard but it takes away from

    the real issues at hand."

    Congressional candidate Elizabeth Heng who accused Facebook of being political and proving her point five days later.

    Here's our full interview with Candidate Heng.

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