College student survives great white shark attack

    19-year-old surfer survives shark attack.

    After being bitten multiple times by a great white shark, a surfer is able to kick the fish off and ride back to shore for help.

    This happened Tuesday morning as 19-year-old Nick Wapner, a second-year student at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, was on a surf trip off Montana de Oro State Park before class.

    “I figured it’s the first week of school, not a lot going on might as well get in the water - start the week off right,” said Wapner.

    However, despite his 15-year experience on the water, he says nothing could have prepared him for this:

    “All of the sudden with no warning nothing all of the sudden just my feet go straight up in the air and all of the sudden I feel all this pressure on my back, my legs and stuff I just feel this clamping down the sensation on my legs," said Wapner.

    But he says despite this, he considers himself lucky.

    “Had it gone a little higher up or inside my thigh potentially it could have knocked and artery and I would have bled out before I hit the beach," Wapner.

    He says he was able to kick the shark off, a wave cam in just in time and then the shark swam away and he rode back to shore, and friends took him to the hospital.

    He received 50 stitches for his leg wounds and is expected to recover in a few weeks, that's when he says he'll get back on his board.

    “I live by the water, I work on the beach, there’s no way I’m not getting back in the water,” said Wapner.

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