Cockfighting ring bust, 250 Hens and Roosters

CCSPCA removes hen off allege cock fighting property.

The Central California SPCA hauled away 250 birds and crippling what it believes to be a cock fighting ring. The CCSPCA says it believes those hens and roosters were found in an area of Fresno County, West of Fresno.

The CCSPCA said it got a tip almost a year ago about possible illegal activity happening to birds at a private property. It eventually got onto the property. The CCSPCA said it discovered a box with illegal vitamins from Mexico, ropes and blades used for cock fighting. It said that's what led it to take action.

The CCSPCA showed up to this home off Blythe Avenue in Fresno Friday afternoon. The CCSPCA said the owner surrendered all the birds voluntarily. It gathered hens out of coops and loaded them on trucks to be transferred off the property. The CCSPCA plans to rehouse the hens. However, roosters have to be euthanized because they've been conditioned to be aggressive and are harder to be rehouse.

People who live at the property aren't fluent in English and didn't feel comfortable to speak on camera. A woman there told Fox 26 that the birds belong to her husband. She said he has been selling the birds for about eight years as a hobby. When asked about the fight paraphernalia the woman denied all cockfighting allegations

The CCSPCA said future investigations continue and all evidence will be turned over to the Fresno County Prosecutor's Office for charges. No arrests have been made.

Under California law, the crime of cockfighting is only a misdemeanor. the fine though for organizing an event or even just being at one is $5,000.

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