Clovis woman charged with breast cancer insurance fraud

Clovis woman charged with insurance fraud (Photo Dept. of Insurance)

49-year-old Benta Jean Fries of Clovis was arrested on Friday, accused of overbilling insurance companies for fraudulent reimbursements.

Fries owns Silhouette Breast Prosthetics, a company who works with breast cancer patients.

The investigation started when her clients noticed items showing up on reimbursement statements that did not match what they knew to be true.

In some cases, items were never received by the breast cancer patient, or the items listed were more expensive than those purchased.

The customers called their insurance carrier, Blue Shield of California, who forwarded it to the California Department of Insurance.

The California Department of Insurance and Fresno County District Attorney’s Office spent the next two years in a joint investigation, finding evidence Fries overbilled insurance companies over $270,000, with potential losses reaching more than $1,200,000.00.

The Felony Complaint charges Fries with 67 counts of Insurance Fraud, as well as an allegation that the taking involved more than $100,000.

If convicted, Fries faces a potential sentence of up to 73 years in prison, plus a fine, and she will be ordered to pay back the money.

Benta Fries was booked into the Fresno County Jail and is expected to be arraigned on Monday.

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