Clovis Unified stops t-shirt sale, too similar to 'Blue Lives Matter'

This is the shirt leadership students at Clovis High planned to sell. 

Clovis Unified administrators are now defending their decision to stop the sale of some t-shirts at Clovis High School.

The shirts were going to be sold by leadership students, to raise money and school spirit.

The shirts feature a football with the American flag on the front.

But it's the back that's raised concerns.

Administrators fear the blue and gold lettering, that makes up one of the stripes on the American flag, could wind up raising tensions among students, instead.

"When the administration saw the design, they were concerned it looked very similar to some movements around the nation, in particular ‘Blue Lives Matter’ movement, in this case," says Kelly Avants, Chief Communications Officer for Clovis Unified.

These shirts were made using school money.

Avants says Administrators did not want the sales perceived as the school's endorsement of any movement.

However, Avants says Clovis students are allowed to wear shirts relating to the ‘Blue Lives Matter’ movement.

"There's nothing in our dress code that would prohibit that," she says. “We just don’t want it to be something Intentionally trying to create conflict.”

Right now, it is not clear what the school will do with the shirts.

Some parents are petitioning administrators to sell them.

Others plan to make their own shirts for their students, following a similar design.

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