Clovis man gets free Joyner Lucas concert admission for life for getting tattoo of rapper

    Joyner Lucas tattoo being done by tattoo artist Rudy Acosta. (FOX26)<p>{/p}

    A man in Clovis was just given free admission to his favorite musician's concerts for the rest of his life, all thanks to a tattoo he got of rapper Joyner Lucas Wednesday.

    Lucas’s Instagram post of the tattoo has nearly a hundred-thousand “likes”.

    It says “from this day forward, anybody with a Joyner Lucas tattoo gets free access to all my shows for lifeshow your tat at the door and get in free.”

    Then he jokes, “Your friends still gotta pay though.”

    “It was crazy to wake up to... I was so stoked about that,” said Rubin Robles, who got a tattoo of rapper Joyner Lucas’ face on his arm.

    Robles wanted to show his love for his favorite rap artist, but no one at Clovis Ink Tattoo expected Lucas to show love right back.

    Rudy Acosta/Tattoo Artist: “A client came to me and told me he’s a Joyner fan, so I was like, ‘I’m a Joyner fan too. Let’s do a tattoo. So we sat down and picked an image, tattooed it,” explained Rudy Acosta, the tattoo artist who created the picture on Robles’ arm. “Nothing really came to mind, like ‘let’s post it’ or people will see it. We didn’t really think like that, we were just enjoying the moment.”

    Joyner saw a picture of that tattoo, reposted it, and that's when he decided to offer free concerts for anyone else who inks up!

    “It’s crazy, I mean, I’ve been working here for ten years doing this almost every day. So whenever I get the recognition of me doing hard work, it feels good,” said Acosta.

    Meanwhile, Robles says he’s still in shock.

    It’s always good to have an artist support his fans, or care for his fans,” said Robles.

    Now people are joking on Instagram about getting temporary tattoos of Joyner Lucas to try to sneak into his concerts.

    Joyner Lucas is performing in Santa Ana and Los Angeles in December.

    Robles says he definitely plans on attending.

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