Clovis man denied a gun he paid for because of his age

Austen Richardson purchased his bolt action 22 rifle from the Dick's on Herndon and Sunnyside in Clovis.

On February 24th, Austen Richardson went into the Dick's Sporting Goods on Herndon and Sunnyside and bought a bolt action 22 rifle.

He paid for the gun in full, and the background check, which he passed.

Richardson waited his 10 days, and went back Wednesday morning to pick up his new gun.

When he walked up to the firearm counter, he was told he couldn't have his new gun because he's only 20.

During Austen's 10 day wait, Dick's changed its firearm sale policy.

On February 28th, the company issued a statement saying it would no longer be selling guns to anyone under the age of 21.

Austen was not made aware of this until this morning.

"When you go through that paperwork it's an agreement to buy and sell. I give you my money, you give me my gun. It's like buying a house, and you come back and they say oh sorry, you can't have your house, we changed the law. I was kind of disappointed," says Richardson.

He was given a full refund for the gun, and the background check, but he says its money "Dick's" will never see again.

"They asked me if I wanted to shop around before I got my refund, and I said no. I'm not spending any more money here. And then I said I'll probably try to sue, and she said good luck," says Richardson.

He says he is still trying to determine if he will file a lawsuit against the company.

He would not be alone. Another man in Oregon is suing the company after he was denied a gun because of his age.

"This is discrimination. Its age discrimination and it's not cool. It’s a breach of contract in my case. And it's pretty black and white that it's not right," says Richardson.

KMPH reached out to the company via phone and email, and have not heard back.

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