Donated scooter helps Clovis girl walk

Clovis girl with dwarfism gets new Scooter to help her walk

One Clovis little girl who has a hard time walking far got a pretty neat surprise today.

Payton’s mom Amanda Tumbiolo said, “She loves every activity. She's not going to be a track star but she loves to swim and everything else. The little girl will try anything.”

But being born with dwarfism, Payton's mom says her height causes her to get tired pretty fast.

“It’s a lot of impact when you're 37 inches and weigh 35 pounds, that's a lot of pounds per inch so after school she's done for the day.”

Tumbiolo said, “We saw this scooter 2 years ago at an LPA convention and she's wanted one ever since.”

But the pricey hotrod seemed like something Payton would only dream of having.

That's when two organizations, Sweet Nectar Society and Able Advocates, came together to give Payton a big surprise, the $3000 customized scooter, just for Payton.

Tumbiolo said, “When we go out of town and on long walks we're carrying her. so this is just some that is going to help me too and my back. and she’s going to feel more independent.

Brittany Wilbur and Katrina Oh say they’re so happy their non-profit groups could help, “I just love this family and I'm so glad we're able to provide this for her and I think she’s already gotten the hang of it so she'll be scooting around town.”

Payton said, “It's my most favorite present ever. It's going to help me if my legs get tired. I will always bring it so I can move around.”

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