Chronic Kingsburg criminal keeps coming back

Chronic Kingsburg criminal caught on several cameras around town.

According to Kingsburg Police, 26 year old Kevin Saldivar has been arrested 6 times in the last month, and neighbors say they have had enough.

Police say because of the alert citizens in the town, they are able to catch this guy every time he breaks the law.

Crystal Grey is one of those alert citizens. As an admin of the Facebook group "Kingsburg Neighborhood News" she, and others keep a close eye on this criminal.

Saldivar's latest arrest happened Wednesday after he was caught on camera stealing a package off of someone's porch.

Saldivar had left the scene, but was someone spotted at a nearby CVS, and called police.

“The police showed up super quick, and each time he had dodged into a backyard, or someone had seen him crossing into a back alley. We were seeing him, but we just couldn’t catch him," said Grey.

Thanks to the watchful eye of another alert citizen spotted Saldivar walking toward Teapot Park with his girlfriend.

He called police, and Saldivar was arrested. Again.

"That’s a byproduct of the society that we are living in right now with prop 47 the decriminalization of a lot of crimes," says Kingsburg Police Chief Dadian.

Prop 47 was passed by voters in November of 2014. It reduces certain drug possession felonies to misdemeanors. Under Prop 47 petty theft, receiving stolen property, and forging/writing bad check of an amount less than $950 requires misdemeanor sentencing.

"He’s driven by drugs, were not dealing with the person, were dealing with meth," says Chief Dadian.

Dadian says they have encouraged Saldivar to go into rehab, but until then he tells the people of Kingsburg to stay vigilant, and let them know when these crimes like this happen.

Crystal says she, and the others who have been victimized by this guy will continue to keep a close eye for their safety.

The more people that get involved, and the more people that make noise, the sooner he will leave. I can’t imagine him wanting to stay here knowing everyone is watching him, because we are," says Grey.

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