Christmas toy giveaway at the Poverello House

The Poverello House hosted an enormous Christmas toy giveaway

To make sure every kid across the valley had a very merry Christmas, volunteers at the Poverello house spent the morning handing out gifts.

Lights were on and Christmas music blasting at the Poverello house early Tuesday morning.

Families waited in a line wrapped around the building to pick up Christmas presents.

“These families that are in need, that’s what the true spirit is all about. So I’m always humbled to be able to see the fruits of the labor of all the community members that come together to make this happen,” said Cruz Avila, the Chief Executive Director of the Poverello House, who organized the Christmas giveaway.

About half of the 12,000 presents collected in the toy drive went out to organizations in other communities across the valley.

The other 6,000 stayed at the Poverello house to be packed up and handed out to families.

“We’re giving back to the community. Just look at the smiles on all the folks’ faces, and the volunteers that are continuing our tradition,” said Avila.

Volunteers like 16-year-old Scottie Lobato.

This is my present for Christmas. I enjoy it,” said Lobato.

Lobato’s spent every Christmas helping out at the Poverello house since he was 6 years old.

“I enjoy seeing their faces smile. Especially when they get a little teddy bear. Their eyes light up and they squeeze it as tight as they can. I enjoy it,” said Lobato.

There were enough presents for each family to take 2 or 3 per child plus a warming kit for the adults.

A very merry Christmas indeed.

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