California Highway Patrol officer helps take care of chickens amidst Camp Fire destruction

The CHP Officer found the chickens on Monday and returned Tuesday with more supplies. (Courtesy: CHP - Oroville)

OROVILLE, Calif. (KRCR) — About a dozen chickens are much happier thanks to a California Highway Patrol officer.

While a CHP Officer from Oroville was patrolling in the Paradise area looking for looters on Monday, he heard a faint sound of a chicken.

After a short hike, the CHP Officer found about a dozen chickens.

The officer gave the chickens his water, but he didn't have food, so the search for food began.

The CHP officer was able to find a big bag of oatmeal and two big bags of cereal in the garage.

"Whoever owns these chickens, I owe you a few bags of cereal, sorry," the CHP officer wrote on Facebook.

But that's not all— the owners of the chickens recognized their chickens and the house and contacted the CHP officer.

The owners gave the officer supplies for the chickens, so the officer went back to feed and give water to his new friends.

When the officer returned to the chickens on Tuesday, he was greeted with gifts— over a dozen eggs!

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