CHP officer helps driver change flat tire in Visalia

Thomas Kenison snapped this picture of a CHP officer helping a driver change a flat tire on State Route 198 in Visalia.

You get a flat on the highway. You're thinking, this is going to suck, big time. But help came to one driver in Visalia.

The Visalia CHP Office said a driver got a flat tire around noon Friday on State Route 198, near the Lover's Lane exit. She had pulled over to the shoulder and was getting ready to change the flat tire. But Officer Diebolt showed up. The office said he spent about 30 minutes changing her tire. Then sent her on her way.

Thomas Kenison snapped a picture of the incident. He said "Always makes me happy knowing CHP/police are always there to help regardless for the situation."

Thanks Officer Diebolt!

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