CHP helicopter rescue in Yosemite

(Video: CHP – Central Division Air Operations)

A rescue operation performed by the CHP helicopter H-40 in Yosemite Nation Park was captured on video.

The rescue happened on Saturday, October 27th when a rock climber was injured on Mount Watkins.

39-year-old Vincent Worth from Colorado slipped and fell about 50 feet before his safety rope caught him.

Worth's injuries prevented him from getting down, so the rescue team was called in to help.

The team was made up of Yosemite SAR Helicopter Rescue Technician Jack Hoeflich, CHP Pilot Officer Scott Rodda, and CHP Flight Officer/Paramedic Mike Crain.

Because of the sheer granite rock face of Mt. Watkins, H-40 could not hover directly over the victim.

With only about 20 feet of rotor clearance, the team performed a safe, successful rescue.

The CHP Air Operations trains regularly with Yosemite SAR in high angle rescue and is well prepared for difficult missions in this challenging environment.

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