CHP: Driver speeds, exceeds 100 mph because passenger was 'late for probation hearing'

CHP Officers say they caught the driver of this red Toyota going at more than 100 miles per hour along Freeway 99 Monday morning. The driver said he was late taking a teenager to a probation hearing. (Photo: KMPH)

You’re running late to a probation hearing.

It’s not a good drive at more than 100 miles per hour on the way.

But California Highway Patrol officers say one driver did.

And that was just the beginning.

“Our helicopter observed a vehicle at a high speed, at more than 100 miles per hour,” says Officer Victor Taylor with California Highway Patrol.

Officers followed the red Toyota – all the way to the Juvenile Justice Campus.

“It parked in a handicapped spot,” Taylor says.

Problem is, the handicapped placard but did not belong to that car.

“The placard was confiscated,” Taylor says.

He adds, “the driver had a suspended license.”

Probation officials tell FOX26 News the teenager had been there for a hearing to have his ankle monitor removed.

He was late for the hearing, and walked in with an officer as an escort.

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