Central Valley Native loses everything in Camp Fire

Central Valley Native losses everything in Camp Fire (Courtesy by Stephanie Gullien)

A Central Valley native says she had to drop everything to escape the fire. She's now among the tens of thousands who've lost everything. Stephanie Gullien says she quickly worked to gather her family and headed further South to Yuba City.

"I didn't even care that we were told that our house was gone. I wanted my family altogether," said Gullien.

On the way there and in complete awe. She says she stopped at a store parking lot and snapped pictures of what was going on. Cal Fire says at least nine people are now dead and that the entire city of Paradise is nearly wiped out. Four years ago Stephanie, her husband and their four boys moved from Porterville to Paradise to help her father take care of her sick mother.

"She unfortunately lost her battle in Nov 2016 on Thanksgiving Day," said Gullien. Just as Stephanie started to cope with the loss of her mother all the stuff her mom left behind was burned with their home. Which Stephanie says those items could've brought her family comfort this Thanksgiving.

"My boys count

on those dinners and those memories. It's just unreal to know that it is gone," said Gullien.

However, Stephanie says she's received an outpouring of support from all over. If you would like to donate to the Gullien Family, click here.

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