Central Fresno neighborhood flooded by waterline break

Water flooding the streets in Central Fresno neighborhood after water line issues.

Water was all over the place in a Fresno neighborhood. Tuesday evening water gushed from a Fresno City water facility near Santa Anna and Arthur not too far from Shaw and Fruit.

A spokesman for the city says a cap on the cities pipe came loose or broke off causing gallons and gallons of water to flood yards and garages.

Andrew Ditommaso lives in the area and he says the water eventually made it to his yard.

"I heard something pop like a fire cracker. I looked out the front window and i noticed there was something like a fountain going on. It was like at the end of the ridge there. I said, that ain't good, said Ditimmaso.

A spokesman for the City of Fresno told us some rods holding the cap either broke or became loose allowing the cap to pop off. He said this doesn't happen very often.

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