Cell phone explosion on FAX bus

    cell phone fire.png

    A cell phone exploded on a child while sitting on her mother's lap on a Fresno City bus. The woman casually pulled out her cell phone but things are about to heated up

    quickly. All of a sudden smoke from the phone appears and she tossed it. The Fresno Fire department says it's not a common call but it does happen.

    "When you get to that point when your cell phone has heated so much that it is causing physical heat to your hand get rid of it," said Battalion Chief, Tony Escobedo.

    Which is exactly what she did. One person on board noticed the smoke in the air and even gets off the bus. It happened near Blackstone and Dakota. Escobedo says it could have something to do with the type of battery in the phone.

    A local cell phone repair shop said older cell phone devices are more prone to catch fire. Sales agent Jacob Costillo said on average a batteries life span begins to degrade in a year and a half.

    "One thing that is going to help is using a certified cable on your phone. You are not going to just want to use a cheaper cable", said Costillo.

    He also says use a charge magnet pad and stay away from overnight charging another tip never put it pillow.

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