Celebratory New Year bullets hit Fresno homes

A bullet went through the ceiling of this home, near Calwa. The homeowner had been watching television on a couch when the bullet came through the ceiling.

Despite warnings, some people still shot in the air to celebrate the new year.

And some of those bullets hit homes.

"Some people think they fire a gun in the air and the bullet evaporates. It doesn’t. It comes down and strikes something," says Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer.

One man in Southeast Fresno said he was watching television when a round came through his roof, and ceiling, just feet away.

Another home, near Ventura and 5th streets, had a round come through the ceiling and into a bedroom, landing near the bed.

The homeowner had been in bed, but got up to answer a phone call.

There were no reports of anyone hit.

Dyer said Monday the department's Shotspotter technology detected 183 incidents in a four-hour span, from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m.

The department has sensors in strategic locations, based on data of previous shootings.

He says the department went as far as assigning designated Shotspotter response cars to certain areas.

"The purpose was to get there as quickly as we could to apprehend individuals who were firing rounds and collect shell casings," Dyer says.

No arrests were made.

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