Car crash leaves one girl dead, mother and son in hospital

Cha Yang and Yeng Vang are in the hospital after police say a drunk driver t-boned their car Thursday. Choua Yang died from her injuries.

A Fresno family is mourning the death of a loved one right now, while praying for two more in the hospital. Police say the family was hit by a drunk driver last Thursday. Now the family says it needs the community's support.

"I feel the pain. I feel the pain the mother's going to go through and I feel the family's pain," said Melinda Xiong, a friend of the Vang family.

Melinda Xiong says the pain she feels is indescribable. Now she's working to be there for her friend -- yeng vang's family.

Fresno police say a drunk driver slammed into Vang's red car near Olive and Maple avenue Thursday morning.

“I do have a lot of love for the family. When I heard what happened, I was in shock. It was just like my own family," said Xiong.

Vang's 22-year-old son cha and 17-year-old daughter Choua were also in the car. Choua, who is special needs, didn't make it.

"I feel the pain that the mother's going to go through when she wakes up and can't find her daughter. I cried a lot, I love Choua a lot,” said Xiong.

"I really love her. I really miss her," said Her Yang, Vang’s brother in law.

"she doesn't talk but she would smile. She always smiled," said Xiong.

Both mom and son are still recovering from really bad injuries.

"I told Yeng, I didn't want to tell her daughter passed away because I don't want her to feel that right now. I just told her you need to get back; you need to get up. You need be strong. You need to be back home to be your children's mother because your children need you," said Xiong.

Vang's 7 other children are now hoping their mother and brother will be okay. Xiong says the family is trying to get through this together.

"Don't be afraid. Be strong," said Xiong.

Police say the other driver involved is 46-year-old Stephen Blaine Darnell. He was also taken to the hospital. Police say he's been charged with DUI. If you'd like to help the family, click here.

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