Car burglar busted; Man caught in the act

35-year-old Nicholas Browning was arrested for two counts of vehicle burglary, resisting arrest, and a no-bail warrant

A man is now in jail after breaking in cars at a popular gym in Clovis. Police say they caught him after a long foot chase Thursday.

Police say 35-year-old Nicholas Browning was snooping around cars in the parking lot at GB3 on Herndon in Clovis. Police say someone noticed Browning meddling with a car window. That's when they called for the police to get involved.

Sergeant Jim Munro said police arrived three minutes later. “The officer blocked the vehicle. At that time, the suspect exited and took off running,” said Munro.

Munro says Browning was without shoes when took them on a chase for more than a mile. Browning climbed the wall of an apartment complex onto the freeway.

“He ran across the 168 freeway and up the embankment into another apartment complex. At that point in time officers did set up another perimeter. We were able to locate him inside of some trees where he was hiding,” said Munro.

Police say Browning broke inside two cars in the gym parking lot. Police are now warning people not to leave stuff in cars because it could entice someone to break-in and steal.

"No matter where you are. At home, in a public parking lot, at the gym secure your belongings. If you have anything that can be construed as valuable take it out. Even if it like a backpack with nothing in it, take it out. If it looks like it is valuable if it looks like something inside they want. They will break your window and they will take it," said Munro.

This isn't browning's first run-in with police. He got in trouble for breaking into cars in the same parking lot back in 2015. Police say if you see something suspicious going on walking to your car. Walk back to the building and call 911.

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