"Captain Marvel" movie shoot at Shaver Lake pushed back

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    Hollywood is turning to the Central Valley for help with a blockbuster production.

    "Captain Marvel" is set to shoot near Shaver Lake-- but it will be later than originally scheduled.

    "Shaver Lake is a picture postcard for film production," says Ray Arthur, the former Film and Entertainment Commissioner for the city of Fresno.

    Arthur maintains connections in the industry and says the production initially considered Chandler Airport, as one scene called for an older airport.

    “We were all set to scout it. They called me up the night before and said they cut the scene," says Arthur.

    Academy Award-winner Brie Larson will play the title character in the production, that’s shooting under the title “Open World.”

    It began filming scenes in Southern California in mid-March, and has started shooting scenes in Oxnard, according to the Official Alan Baltes Page.

    Casting calls went out in March, looking for "military and government types" in the Fresno area.

    Those notices said the production would film at Shaver Lake April 9-11.

    Now, that's been pushed back and the listings have been removed from Central Casting.

    It may re-list the casting call on its website once a shooting schedule is finalized for Shaver Lake.

    Fox26 News has learned it may begin filming at Shaver Lake in mid-May.

    A spokesperson for Southern California Edison, which owns the filming location, would only say the schedule keeps changing.

    Arthur says changes were also made to schedule when another movie shot in Fresno: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

    It filmed at Chandler Airfield in 2007.

    "The planned shoot was for, they were gonna be here for two weeks. One week for construction and tear down. One week for filming. It wound up they were here for a week, they filmed for one day, most of that wound up on the editing room floor," Arthur said.

    The Indiana Jones crew spent 280-thousand dollars in town, but Arthur says the spending power is three-fold.

    " They’ll go to different vendors, buy products and services. Those people get paid they turn around and pay their employees, who then buy their groceries. The grocery stores pay their employees, who then go out that saturday and buy shoes for their kids," he said.

    “Captain Marvel” will be the first Marvel Studios film shot in Fresno County.

    But Arthur says Fresno was already on Marvel’s radar.

    Fresno City Hall was scouted for “Iron Man 2.”

    It was also scouted for a “Star Trek” film.

    “Captain Marvel” is expected to be in movie theaters next March.

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