"Captain Marvel" filming begins this week at Shaver Lake

'Captain Marvel' filming begins this week at Shaver Lake (FOX26)

There's a buzz around Shaver Lake this week.

Hollywood is here.

"People are out on the lake, trying to catch a glimpse of the movie set," says Keith Davis, owner of Cressman's General Store, where a sign outside wishes people a "Marvel-ous week!"

"We could see some of the figures on the shore," says Jim Holmes of Fresno. "We could see flames. They were filming a crash scene."

Holmes went fishing on Shaver Lake Monday, not realizing he'd catch a few fish and a glimpse of crews at work on the Marvel's future blockbuster.

"The helicopter flew over a few times. It was exciting," Holmes says. This one was unusual. It had camera equipment on the front of it and he made some wild passes. I guess they were filming scenes. It was pretty exciting."

The movie has the working title of "Captain Marvel: Open World."

This explains the signs with "OW" you see in the area.

The movie stars Academy Award-winner Brie Larson in the title role.

Samuel L. Jackson joins her as Nick Fury -- with two eyes, since it's set in the 1990's before the release of "Iron Man."

Jude Law also stars in the film as Mar-Vell.

All three are already on-site.

Jackson posted to Instagram from Shaver Lake early Monday morning.

Star trailers have taken the place of travel trailers.

Parking lots are now production areas.

Extras began reporting to the set Monday.

The Fresno County Film Commission expects the movie to generate at least $150,000 each day of filming.

Crews need materials to build sets.

And shops, like Cressman's, are happy to provide the fuel.

"They've been hauling trailers, equipment and sets up and down the mountain," Davis said.

Captain Marvel is expected to hit theatres March 8, 2019.

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