Canned by Cannabis


It's no secret that marijuana is legal right now in California. What seems to be a secret is that smoking pot can get you fired or it can keep you from getting the job you want. Pot is legal in California but it's still illegal under federal law.

Fox 26 your hometown news connection investigated how this can affect your next job search. We uncovered how your current employer can fire you even if you're smoking only at home.

Denham Resources is a hiring agency and hr consulting firm in Fresno. It has found jobs for thousands of people since 1978. President Katy Bray, says it is a drug free work place.

"We require for the final candidates; to do a criminal background check and a drug screen," said Bray.

The agency helps people get jobs. It can find you anything from a temp job to a big boss position.

"That company will have its own policies as far as drug screening criminal background checks, credit checks and sometimes other things."

Pot is legal under California law but that doesn't mean employers will allow you to smoke it. Even in your off hours.

"A lot of people think it's law now, and I can go out and smoke marijuana," said Dr. Gary Hamm, owner of Drug Testing Center in Fresno

California voters passed Proposition 64 last year. That made pot legal in California but many companies’ want a drug test before you get hired. If you test positive for pot you're probably out.

"I think it is common knowledge that people on drugs might be a little less careful and they might not be as clear minded," said Bray.

Under federal law, cannabis is treated like every other controlled substance such as cocaine and heroin.

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