Bucket list: Man takes "final ride" to visit childhood home

More than 100 friends, family and strangers helped cross one item off a Fresno man’s bucket list.

Ron Sandoval is battling stage four liver cancer; he wanted to ride a motorcycle to his childhood home.

“When he was in high school, he bought his first Harley Davidson dirt bike,” said his sister, Sandy Sandoval.

He took her on her first ride.

Saturday, she made sure he went on one last ride.

"I'm happy I had this opportunity to fulfill his wish,” Sandoval says. “It's bittersweet because after his wish is complete, I don't want it to end."

“He hadn't been riding in four years," says Mark Mathis, his brother-in-law.

Sandy Sandoval put a plea out on Facebook.

Bikers showed up from around the state.

They started the ride in Southeast Fresno — went by to pick up Sandoval, and rode to his childhood home on P Street.

Sandoval is in a wheelchair — but a volunteer gave him a ride in a Polaris Motorcycle.

"We were just gonna ride by and stop in front of the house," Mathis said.

Instead, the owners invited them in.

"My brother went to his bedroom and he sat... Which is now a kitchen," Sandy Sandoval says.

It was a quick stop—a trip back in time.

Even when doctors say, not much is left.

“His reaction was awesome. A lot of tears in my eyes," Sandy Sandoval said.

"Life is short, we could all die tomorrow. Live every day, enjoy it, support each other," Mathis said.

Sandoval had another item on his bucket list.

His family took him fishing.

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