Blog: Sometimes, there are no words

After the fire in Santa Rosa, California.


That was the word that escaped my mouth when I saw what was left of Santa Rosa as my photographer, producer and I pulled into Coffey Park for the first time early Sunday evening. It was day seven since a nightmare fire woke families up in the middle of the night.

Words. It's part of what we do.

Then the words that began going through my head as we kept seeing more. And more. And more. Surreal. Heart-wrenching. Devastation. Despair. Wasteland. Soon, the list of adjectives started getting shorter. And this word: Nothing.

Homes were burned to the ground. You hear that in news sometimes. But when those words went through my head in Santa Rosa, it's so much more profound. You're standing in what was once someone's living room. The destruction as far as the eye can see in some parts.

Sometimes, there are no words for nothingness.

So I did the other part of what we do. I took pictures. Lots of them.

What I did not and could not capture with a photo, were the ever-so-slight glimmers of hope from people who lost everything. It was a feeling.

I began to see a fire burning within these people.

The words came back. Hope. Rebuild. Love. Life. Future.

Perhaps, we won't be able to contain those kind of fires. I sure hope that's the case.

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