Blend of winter snow pictures in the Mountains

Courtesy Susan Brase in Badger, Ca

A nice amount of snow has now settled in the mountain communities leaving us with a beautiful scenery. Which meant, our viewers have kept the snow pictures coming.

Towns just outside of the valley now looking like a life-size snow globe.

Ralph berry in bass lake snapped this work of art. A gorgeous shot of a snow-covered ground and the sky reflecting off the water. Berry also took this picture too, with a little sprinkle of nature.

just look at these giant snowflakes in Mariposa. Arianna grand-Gassaway capturing this image that can just send chills up the spine.

But, these little guys are all smiles in the snow in Oakhurst. Since there's plenty of it in the backyard to enjoy.

Now at look how heavy snow surrounded this home in Oakhurst. Irene Chacon might have to shovel the white stuff before parking there. Chacon also snapped a picture a blanket of snow covering pine trees.

now, just look at what the snow left on Christie Barton's back porch in Tulare County. Then on an old farm fence in bootjack from barb and Jeff Hamilton.

Here's another impressive view overlooking the mountains from the King's Canyon Post Office.

Look at how the snow blasted this home back into the ice-age in Ahwahnee.

Tammy Bobbendrier snapped these pictures of her snow-covered yard and cars.

Plus a couple inches of snow cover the ground and tree's here too. And a similar view at Sequoia Highlands Camp Resort, coupled with clear blue skies and this snow covered tree.

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