Blast of winter snow in Mountain Communities

Courtesy of Marni Kelsey, Mariposa

The white stuff we can't seem to get enough of, keeps showing up. People in the mountain communities are now seeing a lot of snow.It's leaving behind beautiful scenery and people are now sharing.

A fresh layer of snow is now in Mariposa, Brandon Pieper took this picture from a balcony. it shows a grey sky hovering over snow coated trees and branches.

Check out multiple pictures from Marni Kelsey who went exploring what looks like icy crystalized trees and plants.

And Carol beavers sent us this beautiful video of the winter wonderland now all around her in Mariposa.

Here is a look at the King's Canyon Post Office. someone sent a video showing icicles hanging from the market building and piles of freshly plowed snow sitting on the sides of streets.

North Fork got nearly three inches of snowfall. You can see how John Askew stuck a ruler in the snow and measured it the old-fashioned way.

And to get through the snow in Bass Lake, Earle Philips caught a driver putting in overtime.

Then in Porterville, Jeremy McMurtry snapped this picture of foothills peeking over an orchard.

At Lake Kaweah, the cold white stuff is now slowly overtaking one of the hilltops. Gina Pitigliano snapped that and another view from Highway 198.

If you want to send us more weather pictures and you want to share them with us. Text burst to 51200 or tag us in your pictures on Facebook

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