Thief snatches purse from a woman in Southeast Fresno

Guy on a bike snatched purse from a woman as she was sitting on a bench outside.

Surveillance video outside of a shopping center in Sunnyside shows two guys riding bikes in the parking lot. One them stops midway while the other one circled the lot.

Elizabeth Gutierrez was sitting on a bench outside as it was going on.

“I had my purse next to me and he said, excuse me, ma'am,” said Gutierrez.

In a matter of seconds, the guy in the white shirt snatched her purse.

“At first I wanted to jump up and say. Did he really just take my purse? I got up and said, ‘he took my purse’ and I ran towards that way,” said Gutierrez.

The incident happened Friday two days after Gutierrez started a new job.

“Nobody deserves this. Everybody works too hard to get what they have. For some scumbag like him to come take it. That’s not fair,” said Gutierrez.

The thief got whatever money she had and some personal things.

“My wallet, two forms of ID and my social security card. I had a little shadow box from my daughter since she was five years old. That may have been junk to them but it was my treasure,” said Gutierrez.

Gutierrez is now warning others to be aware of their surroundings because she thinks she made for an easy target.

" I wasn't paying attention. I felt safe here. I sat there two days before nothing happened. I had been on my lunch. He had been watching me. He had been circling me. I didn't even know,” said Gutierrez.

So far there aren’t any leads pointing to who took the purse. If you know the man in that video, please call crime stoppers at (559) 498-stop.

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