Assemblyman Patterson responds to State of the State Address

Assemblyman Patterson responds to State of the State Address (video courtesy Assemblyman Jim Patterson)

California Assemblyman Jim Patterson responded to Governor Jerry Brown’s State of the State Address.

It was the final address for the Democrat governor who is being termed out.

The annual event took place Thursday morning in Sacramento.

Responding to the governor's address, Assemblyman Patterson said, “This is my sixth State of the State speech and what I’m struck by year after year is what the governor does not talk about. He is attempting, I think, to build a legacy that most of the people in California think is a “happy talk” legacy that quite frankly does not address the fundamental things people are living through because of his policies and the policies of one-party rule.”

Patterson, the former mayor of Fresno, says crime is up across the state because of the governor’s policy of early prison release.

The assemblyman also says the cost of living is up and everything costs more in California, listing things like water, food, fuel, and electricity.

Patterson says these costs have forced more people into poverty, something the governor has ignored.

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