Apple store thieves strike again and led police on chase

Picture by KHTS News of the Valencia Mall robbery.

The search is now on for a group of thieves who took police on a high-speed chase after stealing from an Apple store in Santa Clarita. That chase led officers towards the central valley where the thieves got away.

Police say this time it was four guys and a woman stealing 15 MacBook Pros. The Apple store website prices them between $1,300 and $2,800. After doing the math, that could be between $20,000 and $40,000 in stolen goods. Police say they took off in a white Lexus leading Los Angeles Sheriff's Deputies and the California Highway Patrol on a high-speed chase up I-5 and onto the 99 but CHP lost them in Delano.

In the past month police say there have been five other reported Apple store robberies and they say its likely the same crew targeting stores in the Bay Area, Central Valley and So Cal. The thieves have been seen on surveillance video dressed in hoodies, fitted pants, and athletic shoes. Every time they rush into the store and split up to swipe laptops and whatever else can be taken quickly. Police say so far Apple stores in San Luis Obispo, Fresno, Costa Mesa. Bakersfield and Santa Clarita have all been targeted.

You can call the Fresno Police Department at 559-621-7000 or crime stoppers at 559-498-stop (7867).

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