Nonprofit animal rescue collecting donations to help dog with tumor

Boots the dog needs surgery to remove a large tumor. Pix from Pinky Paws ResQ.

An animal rescue organization is hoping to collect donations to help a dog in need.

Boots the dog has a benign tumor. The dog hasn't been walking because of the tumor and is on pain meds.

Pinky Paws ResQ is helping the owner of Boots collect donations to help pay for the surgery to remove the tumor.

Krystal of Pinky Paws ResQ took one look at Boots and it took less than a day to get her to the vet.

Boots is staying for surgery and overnight with Dr. Lane in Kingsburg. She is panting in the video most likely because she's in pain.

Pinky Paws ResQ has a fund to help those who have emergencies and cannot afford vet care.

If you would like to donate to help Boots, click here.

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