Delivery drivers toss packages, destroy homeowner's curb in Madera Ranchos

A delivery driver destroys a homeowner's handmade curb, then drives away

A man in Madera Ranchos is fed up after careless delivery drivers destroyed his homemade curb time and time again.

Adam Torgrimson’s driveway is not narrow. It’s fifteen feet wide though most of it, and 13 feet at the narrowest part near the exit.

But for some reason, delivery drivers can’t seem to steer clear.

“I’ve had UPS hit it, I’ve had FedEx hit it. The worst are the third party delivery like what Amazon uses,” said Torigrimson. “What kind of people are they hiring?”

Torgrimson says he’s lived in his house since 2010, and he’s come home to see his curb destroyed more than ten times.

“And it’s not the fact that they hit it. It’s like, okay, get out, at least maybe try to fix it? Leave a note? It’s that they ignore it, and drive off, and leave,” said Torgrimson.

Each time, the delivery drivers leave Torgrimson to fix the curb up himself. After so many times going through the same motions, he’s pretty well versed in the procedure. These days it takes him about an hour.

But now he’s got a new problem: Wednesday, a driver cracked a hole in the plastic protector on a piece of his septic tank.

“[The] plastic irrigation piece right here. So this is now split. So I’m going to have to end up replacing that. This is about 40 bucks or so,” said Torgrimson.

And the careless driving isn’t the only issue Torgrimson’s had with Amazon delivery drivers. His security camera caught one man tossing a package onto his door step from several feet away.

Inside that package was a car air bag sensor – something that should certainly not be thrown around.

“I’m sitting in there relaxing, watching my TV at night, and then I hear my camera alert. And then I hear a thud on my door and it’s like, ‘What was that?’ Get up, walk outside, he’s driving off, and I see my package there. Then when I reviewed the tape it’s like, ‘Are you kidding me? Couldn’t walk another four feet, five feet?” explained Torgrimson.

Torgrimson says he has reached out to Amazon, and he’s waiting to hear back. What he’d like to see happen is to not have his curb hit anymore.

Because Amazon contracts out for many of their delivery drivers, Torgrimson says he’s had a hard time figuring out what company the drivers work for each time one hits his curb.

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