Accused child predator set free

Mugshot of Hugo Rabson

A Fresno County judge released Hugo Rabson. The 43-year-old man was accused of arranging to meet with a 14-year-old girl at park in Clovis.

Judge Adolfo Corona ordered Rabson to be placed on probation for three years.

The father of the teen spoke with FOX 26 after Rabson's release. In March 2017, Todd Thomas confronted Rabson for exchanging sexually explicit texts with his teen daughter. He said he begged the judge not to let him out and isn't happy with the judge's decision. He says there is no doubt in this mind Rabson should remain behind bars.

"It blows me away that this guy is free right now. I feel like we just let someone very dangerous back into our society and I hope they keep an eye on him. The take away from this that he is a registered sex offender no and he won't be able to work with children. That is the win that I am going to take away," said Thomas.

The judge noted Rabson had accumulated 301 days of credit already. A single violation of the judge's orders will lead to prison time, the judge warned Rabson.

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