8th grade student wins new AC unit for her family

Won new heating and air conditioning unit for her family's home

An eighth grade girl in Reedley won a contest that will change her family’s life.

Hannah Gregory was at her 8th grade band recital at Thomas Law Reed High School when Jack’s Refrigeration broke the news.

“I’m really happy! I didn’t think I was gonna win,” said Gregory.

The 14-year-old just won an essay contest, and got a new heating and air conditioning system for her family’s home, something they’ve needed for a while.

In her essay, Hannah wrote, “The temperature of my house rises and falls at extreme levels, depending on the season. In the winter, my house is freezing.”

“I have heaters, and then a bunch of blankets on my bed, especially during night when it’s really cold,” said Gregory.

Hannah’s parents found out a few days ago that for Christmas, their daughter had gotten them a warm home.

They’d been saving up for the new AC unit for a long time now.

“This should make a huge difference. We’re planning on buying a new one whenever we got around to it, which is not always easy,” said Hannah’s father, Mike Gregory.

Hannah explained in her letter that her father is the family’s only source of income.

“Money can get tight at times,” she wrote.

“Every time we start saving for a new heating and cooling unit, it always needs to be used on an unexpected expense.”

“We are so proud of her It’s just a huge weight lifted off of our shoulders, knowing that we don’t have to set aside for that. That it’s taken care of and that can go to something else is huge,” said Nicole Gregory, Hannah’s mother.

Hannah also explains in her letter why winning this AC unit is especially important to her.

“My parents do so much for me, I can’t usually repay them or alleviate some of their stress, but this opportunity could do just that.”

“My parents are amazing. They’re the best parents that you could ever ask for. So they could never – I could never really do anything, but I’m happy that I can finally make a difference in our lives,” said Hannah.

Hannah has a 4.0 grade point average and is part of the "gifted and talented education" program GATE.

She plays flute in the band.

She's also on the water polo and swim teams...and is in an after-school mentoring program.

Hannah says she's entered one other writing contest in the past, but hadn't ever done one before that was as big a deal to her as this one.

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