85-year-old man says women stole his backpack from McDonald's

If you know who these women are, call Crimestoppers at 559-498-STOP. You can refer to Case Number 18-305957.

UPDATE: September 28, 2018, 11:20 PM

An 85-year-old man says he was at the McDonald's on Cedar and Shaw Avenues, filling out forms for his PhD application, when his backpack was stolen.

Surveillance video shows two women sneaking the backpack out in a stroller.

The 85-year-old, Kossadary Phimmasone, says his laptop was in the backpack the two women took, but he and his family are more concerned about the other things in the bag.

“I say 'psh' to the computer. That I don’t need. I need my documents," said Phimmasone,

“All his life-long achievements basically. All his certificates, all his diplomas, his Master’s Degree that he received in France," explained Phimmasone's nephew, Timothy Bounthapanya.

Police do have some leads on who those two women might be. They went to the women's home to make an arrest Friday, but learned the women had been evicted. Now, they're still searching for the thieves.

Phimmasone's family has something they want the women to know:

“To the person who took the stuff," said Bounthapanya, "hopefully they understand that he doesn’t’ want any prosecution, he just wants his documents back. They can keep the laptop if they want to.”


An 85-year-old man says two women stole his backpack at a McDonald's.

Now, Fresno Police are on the lookout for the two women in the video.

This happened at the McDonald's on Cedar and Shaw Avenues.

In the surveillance video from the store, you see three women and a child finishing up their meal.

A woman wearing a white tank top takes the little girl out to a back patio, where the backpack is resting at a table in the corner.

Detective Miriam Rose with the Fresno Police Department says the 85-year-old man was up refilling his soda, when the two women appear to tag-team stealing the backpack.

A woman in a black shirt brings a stroller out to the back. The surveillance video shows the woman in the white tank top taking the backpack, and putting it in the stroller.

Then she hands the stroller off to her counterpart, who flips the visor down, and the three of them take off.

Now, Fresno Police are asking for help identifying the women involved.

If you know who these women are, call Crimestoppers at 559-498-STOP. You can refer to Case Number 18-305957.

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